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  • Norddeutsche Paddler

    4 Mitglieder Latest Activity: 16 Sep 2011 Hier auch mal ne Gruppe für uns arme Paddler aus dem Norden des landes, die für Wildwasser 100´derte Kilometer fahren müssen (Ps.: Für Spielwellen…

  • Halbes Paddel, ganzer Kerl

    2 Mitglieder Latest Activity: 22 Mar 2008 Für alle C1 und OC fahrer, und alle anderen die mit nur einem Paddelblatt unterwegs sind.....


    1 Mitglied Latest Activity: 24 Jul 2008 Gruppe der wildwasserratten und alle die Sie kennen

  • Eifel

    1 Mitglied Latest Activity: 17 Mar 2008 für all die lük die net richtich kalle künne

  • Bayern

    3 Mitglieder Latest Activity: 14 Mar 2008 Über 70 Mio. Menschen in Deutschland können kein Bayrisch :-)

  • Schweiz

    7 Mitglieder Latest Activity: 18 Mar 2008 Grüezi, liebe Eidgenossen...

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watersedge EZ Rider 10'6"

The EZ Rider is the most stable board in the EdgeWater line. It features a flatter, stretched out deck and puffed out rails to provide more volume and more stability. It has a single to double concave on the bottom for easier paddling. Whether in the surf, on the river or just paddling around, this board works harder than the rider. No break in the pad, also makes this the perfect board for yoga!

Jackson Kayak Karma M

Jackson Kayak’s Fourth Generation Creek Boat over the past 9 years takes leaps and bounds forward. The Karma takes a hard turn towards stability, carving ability and its sister: The Zen’s, speed. This boat is fast, stable, and forgiving, with predictable turning, boofing, and a bow that rises over anything in its way. This boat will be available in two sizes the Karma Medium and the Karma Large.

AIRE Sabertooth 12

Primary purpose: Going big R2 style. Secondary purpose: Packing for light multi-day trips.

Advanced Elements Stiffy SUP

The Stiffy ™ inflatable SUP has a revolutionary design that rivals the rigidity and performance of hard board SUP’s.

Trak Kayaks Seeker ST 16

The origin of the TRAK design dates back to the early skin-on-frame kayaks built by the northern indigenous peoples of Greenland and the Arctic. We have applied the same principles, with modern technology and best-in-class materials. Inspired by the Inuit kayak, the TRAK kayak is built for the demands and needs of modern day adventure paddling.

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